HL7® v2.1 Data Type List

1AD - Address
2CE - Coded Element
3CE_0057 -
4CK - Composite Id With Check Digit
5CM -
6CM_UNDEFINED - Undefined Cm Data Type
7CN - Composite Id Number And Name
8COMP_ID_DIGIT - Composite Id W/chk Digit
9COMP_ID_NAME - Composite Id And Name
10COMP_QUANT - Composite Quantity/units
11CQ - Composite Quantity With Units
12DT - Date
13FT - Formatted Text Data
14ID - Coded Value
15NM - Numeric
16PN - Person Name
17SET_ID - Set Id
18SI - Set Id
19ST - String Data
20TM - Time
21TN - Telephone Number
22TS - Time Stamp
23TX - Text Data

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