HL7® v2.5.1 Data Type List

1AD - Address
2AUI - Authorization Information
3CCD - Charge Code and Date
4CCP - Channel Calibration Parameters
5CD - Channel Definition
6CE - Coded Element
7CF - Coded Element with Formatted Values
8CNE - Coded with No Exceptions
9CNN - Composite ID Number and Name Simplified
10CP - Composite Price
11CQ - Composite Quantity with Units
12CSU - Channel Sensitivity
13CWE - Coded with Exceptions
14CX - Extended Composite ID with Check Digit
15DDI - Daily Deductible Information
16DIN - Date and Institution Name
17DLD - Discharge Location and Date
18DLN - Driver_s License Number
19DLT - Delta
20DR - Date/Time Range
21DT - Date
22DTM - Date/Time
23DTN - Day Type and Number
24ED - Encapsulated Data
25EI - Entity Identifier
26EIP - Entity Identifier Pair
27ELD - Error Location and Description
28ERL - Error Location
29FC - Financial Class
30FN - Family Name
31FT - Formatted Text Data
32GTS - General Timing Specification
33HD - Hierarchic Designator
34ICD - Insurance Certification Definition
35ID - Coded values for HL7 tables
36IS - Coded value for user-defined tables
37JCC - Job Code/Class
38LA1 - Location with Address Variation 1
39LA2 - Location with Address Variation 2
40MA - Multiplexed Array
41MO - Money
42MOC - Money and Code
43MOP - Money or Percentage
44MSG - Message Type
45NA - Numeric Array
46NDL - Name with Date and Location
47NM - Numeric
48NR - Numeric Range
49OCD - Occurrence Code and Date
50OSD - Order Sequence Definition
51OSP - Occurrence Span Code and Date
52PIP - Practitioner Institutional Privileges
53PL - Person Location
54PLN - Practitioner License or Other ID Number
55PPN - Performing Person Time Stamp
56PRL - Parent Result Link
57PT - Processing Type
58PTA - Policy Type and Amount
59QIP - Query Input Parameter List
60QSC - Query Selection Criteria
61RCD - Row Column Definition
62RFR - Reference Range
63RI - Repeat Interval
64RMC - Room Coverage
65RP - Reference Pointer
66RPT - Repeat Pattern
67SAD - Street Address
68SCV - Scheduling Class Value Pair
69SI - Sequence ID
70SN - Structured Numeric
71SPD - Specialty Description
72SPS - Specimen Source
73SRT - Sort Order
74ST - String Data
75TM - Time
76TQ - Timing Quantity
77TS - Time Stamp
78TX - Text Data
79UVC - UB Value Code and Amount
80VARIES - Variable Datatype
81VH - Visiting Hours
82VID - Version Identifier
83VR - Value Range
84VTQ - Virtual Table Query Request
85WVI - Channel Identifier
86WVS - Waveform Source
87XAD - Extended Address
88XCN - Extended Composite ID Number and Name for Persons
89XON - Extended Composite Name and Identification Number for Organizations
90XPN - Extended Person Name
91XTN - Extended Telecommunication Number

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