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PID: Patient Identification

PID.14SIO1Set Id - Pid
PID.20STW1Patient Id
PID.30CXR*Patient Identifier List
PID.40STW1Alternate Patient Id - Pid
PID.50XPNR*0200Patient Name
PID.60XPNO*Mother's Maiden Name
PID.70DTMO1Date/Time Of Birth
PID.80CWEO10001Administrative Sex
PID.90STW1Patient Alias
PID.110XADO*Patient Address
PID.120STW1County Code
PID.130XTNB*Phone Number - Home
PID.140XTNB*Phone Number - Business
PID.150CWEO10296Primary Language
PID.160CWEO10002Marital Status
PID.180CXO10061Patient Account Number
PID.190STW1Ssn Number - Patient
PID.200STW1Driver's License Number - Patient
PID.210CXO*0061Mother's Identifier
PID.220CWEO*0189Ethnic Group
PID.230STO1Birth Place
PID.241IDO10136Multiple Birth Indicator
PID.250NMO1Birth Order
PID.270CWEO10172Veterans Military Status
PID.290DTMO1Patient Death Date And Time
PID.301IDO10136Patient Death Indicator
PID.311IDO10136Identity Unknown Indicator
PID.320CWEO*0445Identity Reliability Code
PID.330DTMO1Last Update Date/Time
PID.340HDO1Last Update Facility
PID.350CWEC10446Species Code
PID.360CWEC10447Breed Code
PID.380CWEO20429Production Class Code
PID.390CWEO*0171Tribal Citizenship
PID.400XTNO*Patient Telecommunication Information
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