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IN1: Insurance

IN1.14SIR1Set Id - Insurance
IN1.28IDR10072Insurance Plan Id
IN1.36STR1Insurance Company Id
IN1.445STO1Insurance Company Name
IN1.5106ADO1Insurance Company Address
IN1.648PNO1Insurance Co. Contact Pers
IN1.740TNO1Insurance Co Phone Number
IN1.812STO1Group Number
IN1.935STO1Group Name
IN1.1012STO1Insured's Group Emp. Id
IN1.1145STO1Insured's Group Emp. Name
IN1.128DTO1Plan Effective Date
IN1.138DTO1Plan Expiration Date
IN1.1455STO1Authorization Information
IN1.152IDO10086Plan Type
IN1.1648PNO1Name Of Insured
IN1.172IDO10063Insured's Relationship To Patient
IN1.188DTO1Insured's Date Of Birth
IN1.19106ADO1Insured's Address
IN1.202IDO1Assignment Of Benefits
IN1.212IDO1Coordination Of Benefits
IN1.222STO1Coord Of Ben. Priority
IN1.232IDO10081Notice Of Admission Code
IN1.248DTO1Notice Of Admission Date
IN1.252IDO10094Rpt Of Eligibility Code
IN1.268DTO1Rpt Of Eligibility Date
IN1.272IDO10093Release Information Code
IN1.2815STO1Pre-admit Cert. (pac)
IN1.298DTO1Verification Date
IN1.3060CMO1Verification By
IN1.312IDO10098Type Of Agreement Code
IN1.322IDO10022Billing Status
IN1.334NMO1Lifetime Reserve Days
IN1.344NMO1Delay Before L. R. Day
IN1.358STO10042Company Plan Code
IN1.3615STO1Policy Number
IN1.3712NMO1Policy Deductible
IN1.3812NMO1Policy Limit - Amount
IN1.394NMO1Policy Limit - Days
IN1.4012NMO1Room Rate - Semi-private
IN1.4112NMO1Room Rate - Private
IN1.421IDO10066Insured's Employment Status
IN1.431IDO10001Insured's Sex
IN1.44106ADO1Insured's Employer Address
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