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OBR: Observation Request

OBR.14SIO1Set Id - Observation Request
OBR.275CMO1Placer Order #
OBR.375CMO1Filler Order #
OBR.4200CER1Universal Service Ident.
OBR.619TSO1Requested Date-time
OBR.719TSR1Observation Date/Time
OBR.819TSR1Observation End Date/Time
OBR.920CQR10036Collection Volume
OBR.1060CNO*Collector Identifier
OBR.111STO10065Specimen Action Code
OBR.1260CMO10047Danger Code
OBR.13300STO1Relevant Clinical Info.
OBR.1419TSR1Specimen Received Date/Time
OBR.15300CMO10070Specimen Source
OBR.1660CNO*0010Ordering Provider
OBR.1740TNO2Order Call-back Phone Num
OBR.1860STO1Placers Field #1
OBR.1960STO1Placers Field #2
OBR.2060STO1Fillers Field #1
OBR.2160STO1Fillers Field #2
OBR.2219TSR1Results Rpt/Status Chng - Date/T
OBR.2340CMO1Charge To Practice
OBR.2410IDO10074Diagnostic Serv Sect Id
OBR.251IDO10123Result Status
OBR.26200CEO1Linked Results
OBR.2880CNO5Result Copies To
OBR.29150CMO1Parent Accession #
OBR.3020IDO10124Transportation Mode
OBR.31300CEO*Reason For Study
OBR.3260CNO1Principal Result Interpreter
OBR.3360CNO1Assistant Result Interpreter
OBR.3619TSO1Scheduled - Date/Time
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