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UB1: Ub82 Data

UB1.14SIO1Set Id - Ub82
UB1.21STO1Blood Deductible
UB1.32STO1Blood Furn.-pints Of (40)
UB1.42STO1Blood Replaced-pints (41)
UB1.52STO1Blood Not Rplcd-pints(42)
UB1.62STO1Co-insurance Days (25)
UB1.72IDO50043Condition Code
UB1.83STO1Covered Days - (23)
UB1.93STO1Non Covered Days - (24)
UB1.1012CMO8Value Amount & Code
UB1.112STO1Number Of Grace Days (90)
UB1.122IDO1Spec. Prog. Indicator(44)
UB1.131IDO1Psro/Ur Approval Ind. (87)
UB1.148DTO1Psro/Ur Aprvd Stay-fm(88)
UB1.158DTO1Psro/Ur Aprvd Stay-to(89)
UB1.1620IDO5Occurrence (28-32)
UB1.172IDO1Occurrence Span (33)
UB1.188DTO1Occurrence Span Start Date(33)
UB1.198DTO1Occur. Span End Date (33)
UB1.2030STO1Ub-82 Locator 2
UB1.217STO1Ub-82 Locator 9
UB1.228STO1Ub-82 Locator 27
UB1.2317STO1Ub-82 Locator 45
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