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DG1: Diagnosis

DG1.14SIR1Set Id - Diagnosis
DG1.22IDR10053Diagnosis Coding Method
DG1.38IDO10051Diagnosis Code
DG1.440STO1Diagnosis Description
DG1.526TSO1Diagnosis Date / Time
DG1.62IDR10052Diagnosis / Drg Type
DG1.760CE_0118O10118Major Diagnostic Category
DG1.84IDO10055Diagnostic Related Group
DG1.92IDO1Drg Approval Indicator
DG1.102IDO10056Drg Grouper Review Code
DG1.1160IDO10083Outlier Type
DG1.123NMO1Outlier Days
DG1.1312NMO1Outlier Cost
DG1.144STO1Grouper Version And Type
DG1.152NMO1Diagnosis / Drg Priority
DG1.1660CN_PERSONO1Diagnosing Clinician

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