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FT1: Financial Transaction

FT1.14SIO1Set Id - Financial Transaction
FT1.212STO1Transaction Id
FT1.310STO1Transaction Batch Id
FT1.48DTR1Transaction Date
FT1.58DTO1Transaction Posting Date
FT1.68IDR10017Transaction Type
FT1.720CE_0132R10132Transaction Code
FT1.840STO1Transaction Description
FT1.940STO1Transaction Description - Alternate
FT1.104NMO1Transaction Quantity
FT1.1112NMO1Transaction Amount - Extended
FT1.1212NMO1Transaction Amount - Unit
FT1.1360CE_0049O10049Department Code
FT1.148IDR10072Insurance Plan Id
FT1.1512NMO1Insurance Amount
FT1.1612CM_INTERNAL_LOCATIONO10079Assigned Patient Location
FT1.171IDO10024Fee Schedule
FT1.182IDO10018Patient Type
FT1.198CE_0051O*0051Diagnosis Code
FT1.2060CN_PERSONO10084Performed By Code
FT1.2160CN_PERSONO1Ordered By Code
FT1.2212NMO1Unit Cost
FT1.2375CM_FILLERC1Filler Order Number

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