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GT1: Guarantor

GT1.14SIR1Set Id - Guarantor
GT1.220COMP_ID_DIGITO1Guarantor Number
GT1.348PNR1Guarantor Name
GT1.448PNO1Guarantor Spouse Name
GT1.5106ADO1Guarantor Address
GT1.640TNO3Guarantor Phone Number - Home
GT1.740TNO3Guarantor Phone Number - Business
GT1.88DTO1Guarantor Date Of Birth
GT1.91IDO10001Guarantor Sex
GT1.102IDO10068Guarantor Type
GT1.112IDO10063Guarantor Relationship
GT1.1211STO1Guarantor Social Security Number
GT1.138DTO1Guarantor Date - Begin
GT1.148DTO1Guarantor Date - End
GT1.152NMO1Guarantor Priority
GT1.1645STO1Guarantor Employer Name
GT1.17106ADO1Guarantor Employer Address
GT1.1840TNO3Guarantor Employ Phone Number
GT1.1920STO1Guarantor Employee Id Number
GT1.202IDO10066Guarantor Employment Status
GT1.2160STO1Guarantor Organization

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