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IN2: Insurance Additional Info

IN2.115STO1Insured's Employee Id
IN2.29STO1Insured's Social Security Number
IN2.360CN_PERSONO1Insured's Employer Name
IN2.41IDO10139Employer Information Data
IN2.51IDO10137Mail Claim Party
IN2.615NMO1Medicare Health Insurance Card Number
IN2.748PNO1Medicaid Case Name
IN2.815NMO1Medicaid Case Number
IN2.948PNO1Champus Sponsor Name
IN2.1020NMO1Champus Id Number
IN2.111IDO1Dependent Of Champus Recipient
IN2.1225STO1Champus Organization
IN2.1325STO1Champus Station
IN2.1414IDO10140Champus Service
IN2.152IDO10141Champus Rank / Grade
IN2.163IDO10142Champus Status
IN2.178DTO1Champus Retire Date
IN2.181IDO10136Champus Non-availability Certification On File
IN2.191IDO10136Baby Coverage
IN2.201IDO10136Combine Baby Bill
IN2.211NMO1Blood Deductible
IN2.2248PNO1Special Coverage Approval Name
IN2.2330STO1Special Coverage Approval Title
IN2.248IDO*0143Non-covered Insurance Code
IN2.256STO1Payor Id
IN2.266STO1Payor Subscriber Id
IN2.271IDO10144Eligibility Source
IN2.2825CM_RMCO*0145Room Coverage Type / Amount
IN2.2925CM_PTAO*0147Policy Type / Amount
IN2.3025CM_DDIO1Daily Deductible

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