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OBX: Observation Result

OBX.14SIO1Set Id - Observational Simple
OBX.22IDR10125Value Type
OBX.380CER1Observation Identifier
OBX.420STC1Observation Sub-id
OBX.565536variesC1Observation Value
OBX.760STO1References Range
OBX.810IDO50078Abnormal Flags
OBX.105IDO10080Nature Of Abnormal Test
OBX.112IDR10085Observation Result Status
OBX.1226TSO1Effective Date Last Observation Normal Values
OBX.1320STO1User Defined Access Checks
OBX.1426TSO1Date / Time Of The Observation
OBX.1560CEO1Producer's Id
OBX.1660CN_PHYSICIANO1Responsible Observer

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