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OM1: General - Fields That Apply To Most Observations

OM1.13STO1Segment Type Id
OM1.24NMO1Sequence Number - Test/ Observation Master File
OM1.3200CER1Producer's Test / Observation Id
OM1.412IDO*0125Permitted Data Types
OM1.51IDR10136Specimen Required
OM1.6200CER1Producer Id
OM1.7200TXO1Observation Description
OM1.8200CEO1Other Test / Observation Ids For The Observation
OM1.9200STR*Other Names
OM1.1030STO1Preferred Report Name For The Observation
OM1.118STO1Preferred Short Name Or Mnemonic For Observation
OM1.12200STO1Preferred Long Name For The Observation
OM1.1460CEO*Identity Of Instrument Used To Perform This Study
OM1.15200CEO*Coded Representation Of Method
OM1.171IDO*Observation Producing Department / Section
OM1.1840TNO1Telephone Number Of Section
OM1.191IDR10174Nature Of Test / Observation
OM1.20200CEO1Report Subheader
OM1.2120STO1Report Display Order
OM1.2226TSR1Date / Time Stamp For Any Change In Definition For Obs
OM1.2326TSO1Effective Date / Time Of Change
OM1.2420NMO1Typical Turn-around Time
OM1.2520NMO1Processing Time
OM1.2640IDO*0168Processing Priority
OM1.275IDO10169Reporting Priority
OM1.28200CEO*Outside Site(s) Where Observation May Be Performed
OM1.291000ADO*Address Of Outside Site(s)
OM1.30400TNO*Phone Number Of Outside Site
OM1.311IDO10177Confidentiality Code
OM1.32200CEO*Observations Required To Interpret The Observation
OM1.3365536TXO1Interpretation Of Observations
OM1.3465536CEO*Contraindications To Observations
OM1.35200CEO*Reflex Tests / Observations
OM1.3680STO1Rules That Trigger Reflex Testing
OM1.3765536CEO*Fixed Canned Message
OM1.38200TXO1Patient Preparation
OM1.39200CEO1Procedure Medication
OM1.40200TXO1Factors That May Affect The Observation
OM1.4160STO*Test / Observation Performance Schedule
OM1.4265536TXO1Description Of Test Methods

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