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PID: Patient Identification

PID.14SIO1Set Id - Patient Id
PID.216CK_PAT_IDO1Patient Id (external Id)
PID.320CM_PAT_IDR*Patient Id (internal Id)
PID.412STO1Alternate Patient Id
PID.548PNR1Patient Name
PID.630STO1Mother's Maiden Name
PID.726TSO1Date Of Birth
PID.948PNO*Patient Alias
PID.11106ADO3Patient Address
PID.124IDO1County Code
PID.1340TNO3Phone Number - Home
PID.1440TNO3Phone Number - Business
PID.1525STO1Language - Patient
PID.161IDO10002Marital Status
PID.1820CK_PAT_IDO1Patient Account Number
PID.1916STO1Social Security Number - Patient
PID.2025CM_LICENSE_NOO1Driver's License Number - Patient
PID.2120CK_PAT_IDO1Mother's Identifier
PID.221IDO10189Ethnic Group
PID.2325STO1Birth Place
PID.242IDO1Multiple Birth Indicator
PID.252NMO1Birth Order
PID.2760STO1Veterans Military Status

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