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RXE: Pharmacy Encoded Order

RXE.1200TQO*Quantity / Timing
RXE.2100CER1Give Code
RXE.320NMR1Give Amount - Minimum
RXE.420NMO1Give Amount - Maximum
RXE.560CER1Give Units
RXE.660CEO1Give Dosage Form
RXE.7200CEO*Provider's Administration Instructions
RXE.812CM_LA1C1Deliver-to Location
RXE.91IDO10167Substitution Status
RXE.1020NMC1Dispense Amount
RXE.1160CEC1Dispense Units
RXE.123NMO1Number Of Refills
RXE.1360CN_PERSONC1Ordering Provider's Dea Number
RXE.1460CN_PERSONC1Pharmacist Verifier Id
RXE.1520STR1Prescription Number
RXE.1620NMC1Number Of Refills Remaining
RXE.1720NMC1Number Of Refills / Doses Dispensed
RXE.1826TSC1Date / Time Of Most Recent Refill Or Dose Dispensed
RXE.1910CQ_QUANTITYO1Total Daily Dose
RXE.201IDO1Needs Human Review
RXE.21200CEO1Pharmacy Special Dispensing Instructions
RXE.2220STC1Give Per (time Unit)
RXE.236CEO1Give Rate Amount
RXE.2460CEO1Give Rate Units

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