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UB2: Ub92 Data

UB2.14SIO1Set Id - Ub92
UB2.23STO1Co-insurance Days (9)
UB2.32IDO70043Condition Code (24-30)
UB2.43STO1Covered Days (7)
UB2.54STO1Non-covered Days (8)
UB2.611CM_UVCO12Value Amount And Code (39-41)
UB2.711CM_OCDO8Occurrence Code And Date (32-35)
UB2.828CM_OSPO2Occurrence Span Code / Dates (36)
UB2.929STO2Ub92 Locator 2 (state)
UB2.1012STO2Ub92 Locator 11 (state)
UB2.115STO1Ub92 Locator 31 (national)
UB2.1223STO3Document Control Number (37)
UB2.134STO23Ub92 Locator 49 (national)
UB2.1414STO5Ub92 Locator 56 (state)
UB2.1527STO1Ub92 Locator 57 (national)
UB2.162STO2Ub92 Locator 78 (state)

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