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A01Admit a patient
A02Transfer a patient
A03Discharge a patient
A04Register a patient
A05Pre-admit a Patient
A06Transfer an outpatient to inpatient
A07Transfer an inpatient to outpatient
A08Update patient information
A09Patient departing
A10Patient arriving
A11Cancel admit
A12Cancel transfer
A13Cancel discharge
A14Pending admit
A15Pending transfer
A16Pending discharge
A17Swap patients
A18Merge patient information
A19Patient query
A20Bed Status Update
A21Leave of absence - out (leaving)
A22Leave of absence - in (returning)
A23Delete a patient record
A24Link patient information
A25Cancel pending discharge
A26Cancel pending transfer
A27Cancel pending admit
A28Add person information
A29Delete person information
A30Merge Patient information
A31Update person information
A32Cancel patient arriving
A33Cancel patient departing
A34Merge patient information - patient ID only
A35Merge patient information - account number only
A36Merge patient information - patient ID and account number
A37Unlink patient information
M01Master file not otherwise specified (for backwards compatibility only)
M02Master file - Staff Practioner
M03Master file - test / observation
O01Order message
O02Order response
P01Add and Update Patient Accounts
P02Purge Patient Accounts
P03Post detail financial transaction
P04Generate bill and accounts receivable statements
Q01Immediate access
Q02Deferred access
Q03Deferred response to query
Q05Unsolicited display update
R01Unsolicited transmission of requested observation
R02Query for results of observation
R03Display-oriented results (query / unsolicited update)
R04Response to query / transmission of requested observation

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