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ACKGeneral acknowledgement message
ADRADT response
ADTADT message
ARDAncillary report (display)
BARAdd / change billing account
DFTDetail financial transaction
DSRDisplay response
MCFDelayed acknowledgement
MFDMaster files delayed application acknowledgement
MFKMaster file application acknowledgement
MFNMaster files notification
MFRMaster files response
NMDNetwork management data
NMQNetwork management query
NMRNetwork management response
ORFObservational result (record response)
ORMOrder message
ORROrder acknowledgement message
ORUObservational result (unsolicited)
OSQOrder status query
RARPharmacy administration information
RASPharmacy administration message
RDEPharmacy encoded order message
RDRPharmacy dispense information
RDSPharmacy dispense message
RERPharmacy encoded order information
RGRPharmacy dose information
RGVPharmacy give message
RORPharmacy prescription order response
RRAPharmacy administration acknowledgment
RRDPharmacy dispense acknowledgment
RREPharmacy encoded order acknowledgment
RRGPharmacy give acknowledgment
UDMUnsolicited display message

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