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CACancel order request
CHChild order
CNCombined result
CRCanceled as requested
DCDiscontinue order request
DEData Errors
DRDiscontinued as requested
HDHold order request
HROn hold as requested
NANumber assigned
NWNew Order
OCOrder canceled
ODOrder discontinued
OHOrder held
OKOrder accepted and OK
ORReleased as requested
PAParent order
REObservations to follow
RLRelease previous hold
ROReplacement order
RPOrder replace request
RQReplaced as requested
RRRequest received
RUReplaced unsolicited
SCStatus changed
SNSend order number
SRResponse to send order status request
SSSend order status request
UCUnable to cancel
UDUnable to discontinue
UHUnable to put on hold
UMUnable to replace
URUnable to release
UXUnable to change
XOChange order request
XRChanged as requested
XXOrder changed, unsolicited

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