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XCN: Extended Composite ID Number And Name For Persons

This data type is used extensively appearing in the PV1, ORC, RXO, RXE, OBR and SCH segments , as well as others, where there is a need to specify the ID number and name of a person.

XCN.10STOId Number
XCN.20FNOFamily Name & Last Name Prefix
XCN.30STOFirstNameGiven Name
XCN.40STOMiddle Initial Or Name
XCN.80ISOSource Table
XCN.90HDOAssigning Authority
XCN.100IDOName Type Code
XCN.110STOIdentifier Check Digit
XCN.120IDOCode Identifying The Check Digit Scheme Employed
XCN.130ISOIdentifier Type Code
XCN.140HDOAssigning Facility
XCN.150IDOName Representation Code

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