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AIL: Appointment information - location resource segment

The AIL segment contains information about location resources (meeting rooms, operating rooms, examination rooms, or other locations) that can be scheduled. Resources included in a transaction using this segment are assumed to be controlled by a schedule on a schedule filler application. Resources not controlled by a schedule are not identified on a schedule request using this segment. Location resources are identified with this specific segment because of the specific encoding of locations used by the HL7 specification.

AIL.23IDC10206Segment Action Code
AIL.380PLC1Location Resource ID
AIL.4200CER1Location Type-AIL
AIL.5200CEO1Location Group
AIL.626TSC1Start Date/Time
AIL.720NMC1Start Date/Time Offset
AIL.8200CEC1Start Date/Time Offset Units
AIL.10200CEO1Duration Units
AIL.1110ISC10279Allow Substitution Code
AIL.12200CEC1Filler Status Code

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