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APR: Appointment preferences segment

The APR segment contains parameters and preference specifications used for requesting appointments in the SRM message. It allows placer applications to provide coded parameters and preference indicators to the filler application, to help determine when a requested appointment should be scheduled. An APR segment can be provided in conjunction with either the ARQ segment or any of the service and resource segments (AIG, AIS, AIP, and AIL). If an APR segment appears in conjunction with an ARQ segment, its parameters and preference indicators pertain to the schedule request as a whole. If the APR segment appears with any of the service and resource segments, then its parameters and preferences apply only to the immediately preceding service or resource.

APR.180SCVO*Time Selection Criteria
APR.280SCVO*Resource Selection Criteria
APR.380SCVO*Location Selection Criteria
APR.45NMO1Slot Spacing Criteria
APR.580SCVO*Filler Override Criteria

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