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ARQ: Appointment request segment

The ARQ segment defines a request for the booking of an appointment. It is used in transactions sent from an application acting in the role of a placer.

ARQ.175EIR1Placer Appointment ID
ARQ.275EIC1Filler Appointment ID
ARQ.35NMC1Occurrence Number
ARQ.422EIO1Placer Group Number
ARQ.5200CEO1Schedule ID
ARQ.6200CEO1Request Event Reason
ARQ.7200CEO1Appointment Reason
ARQ.8200CEO1Appointment Type
ARQ.920NMO1Appointment Duration
ARQ.10200CEO1Appointment Duration Units
ARQ.1153DRO*Requested Start Date/Time Range
ARQ.13100RIO1Repeating Interval
ARQ.145STO1Repeating Interval Duration
ARQ.1548XCNR*Placer Contact Person
ARQ.1640XTNO*Placer Contact Phone Number
ARQ.17106XADO*Placer Contact Address
ARQ.1880PLO1Placer Contact Location
ARQ.1948XCNR*Entered by Person
ARQ.2040XTNO*Entered by Phone Number
ARQ.2180PLO1Entered by Location
ARQ.2275EIO1Parent Placer Appointment ID
ARQ.2375EIO1Parent Filler Appointment ID

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