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CM0: Clinical study master segment

The Clinical Study Master (CM0) segment contains the information about the study itself. The sending application study number for each patient is sent in the CSR segment. The optional CM0 enables information about the study at the sending application that may be useful to the receiving systems. All of the fields in the segment describe the study status at the sending facility unless otherwise agreed upon.

CM0.14SIO1Set ID - CM0
CM0.260EIR1Sponsor Study ID
CM0.360EIO3Alternate Study ID
CM0.4300STR1Title of Study
CM0.560XCNO*Chairman of Study
CM0.68DTO1Last IRB Approval Date
CM0.78NMO1Total Accrual to Date
CM0.88DTO1Last Accrual Date
CM0.960XCNO*Contact for Study
CM0.1040XTNO1Contact's Tel. Number
CM0.11100XADO*Contact's Address

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