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CSR: Clinical study registration segment

The CSR segment will contain fundamental administrative and regulatory information required to document a patient's enrollment on a clinical trial. This segment is all that is required if one needs to message another system that an enrollment has taken place, i.e., from clinical trials to pharmacy, accounting, or order entry systems. The CSR segment may also be used to identify that OBR, OBX, RXA, and RXR segments that follow represent data applicable to the identified study.

CSR.160EIR1Sponsor Study ID
CSR.260EIO1Alternate Study ID
CSR.360CEO1Institution Registering the Patient
CSR.430CXR1Sponsor Patient ID
CSR.530CXO1Alternate Patient ID - CSR
CSR.626TSR1Date/Time Of Patient Study Registration
CSR.760XCNO*Person Performing Study Registration
CSR.860XCNR*Study Authorizing Provider
CSR.926TSC1Date/time Patient Study Consent Signed
CSR.1060CEC1Patient Study Eligibility Status
CSR.1126TSO3Study Randomization Date/time
CSR.12200CEO3Randomized Study Arm
CSR.13200CEO3Stratum for Study Randomization
CSR.1460CEC1Patient Evaluability Status
CSR.1526TSC1Date/time Ended Study
CSR.1660CEC1Reason Ended Study

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