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DG1: Diagnosis segment

The DG1 segment contains patient diagnosis information of various types, for example, admitting, primary, etc. The DG1 segment is used to send multiple diagnoses (for example, for medical records encoding). It is also used when the FT1-19-diagnosiscode-FT1 does not provide sufficient information for a billing system. This diagnosis coding should be distinguished from the clinical problem segment used by caregivers to manage the patient (see Chapter 12, Patient Care). Coding methodologies are also defined.

DG1.14SIR1Set ID - DG1
DG1.22IDB10053Diagnosis Coding Method
DG1.360CEO1Diagnosis Code - DG1
DG1.440STB1Diagnosis Description
DG1.526TSO1Diagnosis Date/Time
DG1.62ISR10052Diagnosis Type
DG1.760CEB1Major Diagnostic Category
DG1.860CEB1Diagnostic Related Group
DG1.91IDB10136DRG Approval Indicator
DG1.102ISB10056DRG Grouper Review Code
DG1.1160CEB1Outlier Type
DG1.123NMB1Outlier Days
DG1.1312CPB1Outlier Cost
DG1.144STB1Grouper Version And Type
DG1.152IDO10359Diagnosis Priority
DG1.1660XCNO*Diagnosing Clinician
DG1.173ISO10228Diagnosis Classification
DG1.181IDO10136Confidential Indicator
DG1.1926TSO1Attestation Date/Time

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