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DRG: Diagnosis related group segment

The DRG segment contains diagnoses-related grouping information of various types. The DRG segment is used to send the DRG information, for example, for billing and medical records encoding.

DRG.160CEO1Diagnostic Related Group
DRG.226TSO1DRG Assigned Date/Time
DRG.31IDO10136DRG Approval Indicator
DRG.42ISO10056DRG Grouper Review Code
DRG.560CEO1Outlier Type
DRG.63NMO1Outlier Days
DRG.712CPO1Outlier Cost
DRG.81ISO10229DRG Payor
DRG.99CPO1Outlier Reimbursement
DRG.101IDO10136Confidential Indicator

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