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GT1: Guarantor segment

The GT1 segment contains guarantor (e.g., the person or the organization with financial responsibility for payment of a patient account) data for patient and insurance billing applications.

GT1.14SIR1Set ID - GT1
GT1.259CXO*Guarantor Number
GT1.348XPNR*Guarantor Name
GT1.448XPNO*Guarantor Spouse Name
GT1.5106XADO*Guarantor Address
GT1.640XTNO*Guarantor Ph Num-Home
GT1.740XTNO*Guarantor Ph Num-Business
GT1.826TSO1Guarantor Date/Time Of Birth
GT1.91ISO10001Guarantor Sex
GT1.102ISO10068Guarantor Type
GT1.1180CEO1Guarantor Relationship
GT1.1211STO1Guarantor SSN
GT1.138DTO1Guarantor Date - Begin
GT1.148DTO1Guarantor Date - End
GT1.152NMO1Guarantor Priority
GT1.16130XPNO*Guarantor Employer Name
GT1.17106XADO*Guarantor Employer Address
GT1.1840XTNO*Guarantor Employer Phone Number
GT1.1920CXO*Guarantor Employee ID Number
GT1.202ISO10066Guarantor Employment Status
GT1.21130XONO*Guarantor Organization Name
GT1.221IDO10136Guarantor Billing Hold Flag
GT1.2380CEO1Guarantor Credit Rating Code
GT1.2426TSO1Guarantor Death Date And Time
GT1.251IDO10136Guarantor Death Flag
GT1.2680CEO1Guarantor Charge Adjustment Code
GT1.2710CPO1Guarantor Household Annual Income
GT1.283NMO1Guarantor Household Size
GT1.2920CXO*Guarantor Employer ID Number
GT1.3080CEO1Guarantor Marital Status Code
GT1.318DTO1Guarantor Hire Effective Date
GT1.328DTO1Employment Stop Date
GT1.332ISO10223Living Dependency
GT1.342ISO*0009Ambulatory Status
GT1.3660CEO1Primary Language
GT1.372ISO10220Living Arrangement
GT1.3880CEO1Publicity Code
GT1.391IDO10136Protection Indicator
GT1.402ISO10231Student Indicator
GT1.4248XPNO*Mother s Maiden Name
GT1.4480CEO*Ethnic Group
GT1.4548XPNO*Contact Person s Name
GT1.4640XTNO*Contact Person s Telephone Number
GT1.4780CEO1Contact Reason
GT1.482ISO10063Contact Relationship
GT1.4920STO1Job Title
GT1.5020JCCO1Job Code/Class
GT1.51130XONO*Guarantor Employer s Organization Name
GT1.532ISO10311Job Status
GT1.5450FCO1Guarantor Financial Class
GT1.5580CEO*Guarantor Race

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