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LDP: Location department segment

The LDP segment identifies how a patient location room is being used by a certain department. Multiple departments can use the same patient location, so there can be multiple LDP segments following an LOC segment. There must be at least one LDP segment for each LOC segment. This is not intended to include any current occupant information.

LDP.1200PLR1Primary Key Value - LDP
LDP.210ISR10264Location Department
LDP.33ISO*0069Location Service
LDP.460CEO*Specialty Type
LDP.51ISO*0004Valid Patient Classes
LDP.61IDO10183Active/Inactive Flag
LDP.726TSO1Activation Date LDP
LDP.826TSO1Inactivation Date - LDP
LDP.980STO1Inactivated Reason
LDP.1080VHO*Visiting Hours
LDP.1140XTNO1Contact Phone

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