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ODS: Dietary orders, supplements, and preferences segment

The ORC sequence items of interest to ODS are ORC-1-order control,ORC-2-placer order number, ORC-3-filler order number, ORC-7-quantity/timing, ORC-9-date/time of transaction, ORC-10-entered by, and ORC-11-verified by. For ORC-1-order control, the values may be New (NW), Cancel (CA), Discontinue Order Request (DC), Change (XO), Hold Order Request (HD), and Release Previous Hold (RL). The HD and RL codes could stop service for a specified length of time. ORC-7-quantity/timing should be used to specify whether an order is continuous or for one service period only. It is also useful for supplements which are part of a diet but only delivered, say, every day at night. Example:

ODS.260CEO10Service Period
ODS.360CER20Diet, Supplement, or Preference Code
ODS.480STO2Text Instruction

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