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OM4: Observations that require specimens segment

This segment applies to observations/batteries that require a specimen for their performance. When an observation or battery requires multiple specimens for their performance (e.g., creatinine clearance requires a 24-hour urine specimen and a serum specimen), multiple segments may be included, one for each specimen type.

OM4.14NMO1Sequence Number - Test/Observation Master File
OM4.21IDO10170Derived Specimen
OM4.360TXO1Container Description
OM4.420NMO1Container Volume
OM4.560CEO1Container Units
OM4.910240TXO1Special Handling Requirements
OM4.1020CQO1Normal Collection Volume
OM4.1120CQO1Minimum Collection Volume
OM4.1210240TXO1Specimen Requirements
OM4.131IDO*0027Specimen Priorities
OM4.1420CQO1Specimen Retention Time

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