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ORC: Common order segment

The Common Order segment (ORC) is used to transmit fields that are common to all orders (all types of services that are requested). The ORC segment is required in the Order (ORM) message. ORC is mandatory in Order Acknowledgment (ORR) messages if an order detail segment is present, but is not required otherwise.

ORC.12IDR10119Order Control
ORC.222EIC1Placer Order Number
ORC.322EIC1Filler Order Number
ORC.422EIO1Placer Group Number
ORC.52IDO10038Order Status
ORC.61IDO10121Response Flag
ORC.8200EIPO1Parent Order
ORC.926TSO1Date/Time of Transaction
ORC.10120XCNO*Entered By
ORC.11120XCNO*Verified By
ORC.12120XCNO*Ordering Provider
ORC.1380PLO1Enterer s Location
ORC.1440XTNO2Call Back Phone Number
ORC.1526TSO1Order Effective Date/Time
ORC.16200CEO1Order Control Code Reason
ORC.1760CEO1Entering Organization
ORC.1860CEO1Entering Device
ORC.19120XCNO*Action By
ORC.2040CEO1Advanced Beneficiary Notice Code
ORC.2160XONO*Ordering Facility Name
ORC.22106XADO*Ordering Facility Address
ORC.2348XTNO*Ordering Facility Phone Number
ORC.24106XADO*Ordering Provider Address

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