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PEO: Product experience observation segment

Details related to a particular clinical experience or event are embodied in the PEO segment. This segment can be used to characterize an event which might be attributed to a product to which the patient was exposed. Products with a possible causal relationship to the observed experience are described in the following PCR (possible causal relationship) segments. The message format was designed to be robust and includes many optional elements which may not be required for a particular regulatory purpose but allow a complete representation of the drug experience if needed.

PEO.160CEO*Event Identifiers Used
PEO.260CEO*Event Symptom/Diagnosis Code
PEO.326TSR1Event Onset Date/Time
PEO.426TSO1Event Exacerbation Date/Time
PEO.526TSO1Event Improved Date/Time
PEO.626TSO1Event Ended Data/Time
PEO.7106XADO*Event Location Occurred Address
PEO.81IDO*0237Event Qualification
PEO.91IDO10238Event Serious
PEO.101IDO10239Event Expected
PEO.111IDO*0240Event Outcome
PEO.121IDO10241Patient Outcome
PEO.13600FTO*Event Description From Others
PEO.14600FTO*Event From Original Reporter
PEO.15600FTO*Event Description From Patient
PEO.16600FTO*Event Description From Practitioner
PEO.17600FTO*Event Description From Autopsy
PEO.1860CEO*Cause Of Death
PEO.1946XPNO*Primary Observer Name
PEO.20106XADO*Primary Observer Address
PEO.2140XTNO*Primary Observer Telephone
PEO.221IDO10242Primary Observer s Qualification
PEO.231IDO10242Confirmation Provided By
PEO.2426TSO1Primary Observer Aware Date/Time
PEO.251IDO10243Primary Observer s identity May Be Divulged

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