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PRB: Problem Detail

The problem detail segment contains the data necessary to add, update, correct, and delete the problems of a given individual.

PRB.12IDR10287Action Code
PRB.226TSR1Action Date/Time
PRB.380CER1Problem ID
PRB.460EIR1Problem Instance ID
PRB.560EIO1Episode of Care ID
PRB.660NMO1Problem List Priority
PRB.726TSO1Problem Established Date/Time
PRB.826TSO1Anticipated Problem Resolution Date/Time
PRB.926TSO1Actual Problem Resolution Date/Time
PRB.1080CEO1Problem Classification
PRB.1180CEO*Problem Management Discipline
PRB.1280CEO1Problem Persistence
PRB.1380CEO1Problem Confirmation Status
PRB.1480CEO1Problem Life Cycle Status
PRB.1526TSO1Problem Life Cycle Status Date/Time
PRB.1626TSO1Problem Date of Onset
PRB.1780STO1Problem Onset Text
PRB.1880CEO1Problem Ranking
PRB.1960CEO1Certainty of Problem
PRB.205NMO1Probability of Problem
PRB.2180CEO1Individual Awareness of Problem
PRB.2280CEO1Problem Prognosis
PRB.2380CEO1Individual Awareness of Prognosis
PRB.24200STO1Family/Significant Other Awareness of Problem/Prognosis

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