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PRC: Pricing segment

The PRC segment contains the pricing information for the preceding CDM segment's chargeable item. It contains the fields which, for the same chargeable item, might vary depending upon facility or department or patient type. The preceding CDM segment contains the fields which, for one chargeable item, remain the same across facilities, departments, and patient types.

PRC.1200CER1Primary Key Value - PRC
PRC.260CEO*Facility ID - PRC
PRC.41ISO*0004Valid Patient Classes
PRC.74NMO1Minimum Quantity
PRC.84NMO1Maximum Quantity
PRC.912MOO1Minimum Price
PRC.1012MOO1Maximum Price
PRC.1126TSO1Effective Start Date
PRC.1226TSO1Effective End Date
PRC.131ISO10268Price Override Flag
PRC.1460CEO*Billing Category
PRC.151IDO10136Chargeable Flag
PRC.161IDO10183Active/Inactive Flag
PRC.181ISO10269Charge On Indicator

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