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PRD: Provider Data

This segment will be employed as part of a patient referral message and its related transactions. The PRD segment contains data specifically focused on a referral, and it is inter-enterprise in nature. The justification for this new segment comes from the fact that we are dealing with referrals that are external to the facilities that received them. Therefore, using a segment such as the current PV1 would be inadequate for all the return information that may be required by the receiving facility or application. In addition, the PV1 does not always provide information sufficient to enable the external facility to make a complete identification of the referring entity. The information contained in the PRD segment will include the referring provider, the referred-to provider, the referred-to location or service, and the referring provider clinic address.

PRD.1200CER*Provider Role
PRD.2106XPNO*Provider Name
PRD.360XADO*Provider Address
PRD.460PLO1Provider Location
PRD.5100XTNO*Provider Communication Information
PRD.6200CEO1Preferred Method Of Contact
PRD.7100PIO*Provider Identifiers
PRD.826TSO1Effective Start Date of Provider Role
PRD.926TSO1Effective End Date of Provider Role

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