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PV1: Patient visit segment

The PV1 segment is used by Registration/Patient Administration applications to communicate information on a visit-specific basis. This segment can be used to send multiple-visit statistic records to the same patient account or single-visit records to more than one account. Individual sites must determine the use for this segment.

PV1.14SIO1Set ID - PV1
PV1.21ISR10004Patient Class
PV1.380PLO1Assigned Patient Location
PV1.42ISO10007Admission Type
PV1.520CXO1Preadmit Number
PV1.680PLO1Prior Patient Location
PV1.760XCNO*Attending Doctor
PV1.860XCNO*Referring Doctor
PV1.960XCNO*Consulting Doctor
PV1.103ISO10069Hospital Service
PV1.1180PLO1Temporary Location
PV1.122ISO10087Preadmit Test Indicator
PV1.132ISO10092Re-admission Indicator
PV1.143ISO10023Admit Source
PV1.152ISO*0009Ambulatory Status
PV1.162ISO10099VIP Indicator
PV1.1760XCNO*Admitting Doctor
PV1.182ISO10018Patient Type
PV1.1920CXO1Visit Number
PV1.2050FCO*Financial Class
PV1.212ISO10032Charge Price Indicator
PV1.222ISO10045Courtesy Code
PV1.232ISO10046Credit Rating
PV1.242ISO*0044Contract Code
PV1.258DTO*Contract Effective Date
PV1.2612NMO*Contract Amount
PV1.273NMO*Contract Period
PV1.282ISO10073Interest Code
PV1.291ISO10110Transfer to Bad Debt Code
PV1.308DTO1Transfer to Bad Debt Date
PV1.3110ISO10021Bad Debt Agency Code
PV1.3212NMO1Bad Debt Transfer Amount
PV1.3312NMO1Bad Debt Recovery Amount
PV1.341ISO10111Delete Account Indicator
PV1.358DTO1Delete Account Date
PV1.363ISO10112Discharge Disposition
PV1.3725DLDO1Discharged to Location
PV1.3880CEO1Diet Type
PV1.392ISO10115Servicing Facility
PV1.401ISB10116Bed Status
PV1.412ISO10117Account Status
PV1.4280PLO1Pending Location
PV1.4380PLO1Prior Temporary Location
PV1.4426TSO1Admit Date/Time
PV1.4526TSO1Discharge Date/Time
PV1.4612NMO1Current Patient Balance
PV1.4712NMO1Total Charges
PV1.4812NMO1Total Adjustments
PV1.4912NMO1Total Payments
PV1.5020CXO1Alternate Visit ID
PV1.511ISO10326Visit Indicator
PV1.5260XCNO*Other Healthcare Provider

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