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PV2: Patient visit - additional information segment

The PV2 segment is a continuation of visit-specific information contained on the PV1 segment.

PV2.180PLC1Prior Pending Location
PV2.260CEO1Accommodation Code
PV2.360CEO1Admit Reason
PV2.460CEO1Transfer Reason
PV2.525STO*Patient Valuables
PV2.625STO1Patient Valuables Location
PV2.72ISO10130Visit User Code
PV2.826TSO1Expected Admit Date/Time
PV2.926TSO1Expected Discharge Date/Time
PV2.103NMO1Estimated Length of Inpatient Stay
PV2.113NMO1Actual Length of Inpatient Stay
PV2.1250STO1Visit Description
PV2.1390XCNO*Referral Source Code
PV2.148DTO1Previous Service Date
PV2.151IDO10136Employment Illness Related Indicator
PV2.161ISO10213Purge Status Code
PV2.178DTO1Purge Status Date
PV2.182ISO10214Special Program Code
PV2.191IDO10136Retention Indicator
PV2.201NMO1Expected Number of Insurance Plans
PV2.211ISO10215Visit Publicity Code
PV2.221IDO10136Visit Protection Indicator
PV2.2390XONO*Clinic Organization Name
PV2.242ISO10216Patient Status Code
PV2.251ISO10217Visit Priority Code
PV2.268DTO1Previous Treatment Date
PV2.272ISO10112Expected Discharge Disposition
PV2.288DTO1Signature on File Date
PV2.298DTO1First Similar Illness Date
PV2.3080CEO1Patient Charge Adjustment Code
PV2.312ISO10219Recurring Service Code
PV2.321IDO10136Billing Media Code
PV2.3326TSO1Expected Surgery Date & Time
PV2.341IDO10136Military Partnership Code
PV2.351IDO10136Military Non-Availability Code
PV2.361IDO10136Newborn Baby Indicator
PV2.371IDO10136Baby Detained Indicator

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