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RXG: Pharmacy/treatment give segment

Figure 4-18. RXG attributes

RXG.14NMR1Give Sub-ID Counter
RXG.24NMO1Dispense Sub-ID Counter
RXG.4100CER1Give Code
RXG.520NMR1Give Amount - Minimum
RXG.620NMO1Give Amount - Maximum
RXG.760CER1Give Units
RXG.860CEO1Give Dosage Form
RXG.9200CEO*Administration Notes
RXG.101IDO10167Substitution Status
RXG.11200LA2O1Dispense-To Location
RXG.121IDO10136Needs Human Review
RXG.13200CEO*Pharmacy/Treatment Supplier s Special Administration Instructions
RXG.1420STC1Give Per
RXG.156STO1Give Rate Amount
RXG.1660CEO1Give Rate Units
RXG.1720NMO1Give Strength
RXG.1860CEO1Give Strength Units
RXG.1920STO*Substance Lot Number
RXG.2026TSO*Substance Expiration Date
RXG.2160CEO*Substance Manufacturer Name

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