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SCH: Schedule activity information segment

The SCH segment contains general information about the scheduled appointment.

SCH.175EIC1Placer Appointment ID
SCH.275EIC1Filler Appointment ID
SCH.35NMC1Occurrence Number
SCH.422EIO1Placer Group Number
SCH.5200CEO1Schedule ID
SCH.6200CER1Event Reason
SCH.7200CEO1Appointment Reason
SCH.8200CEO1Appointment Type
SCH.920NMO1Appointment Duration
SCH.10200CEO1Appointment Duration Units
SCH.11200TQR*Appointment Timing Quantity
SCH.1248XCNO*Placer Contact Person
SCH.1340XTNO1Placer Contact Phone Number
SCH.14106XADO*Placer Contact Address
SCH.1580PLO1Placer Contact Location
SCH.1638XCNR*Filler Contact Person
SCH.1740XTNO1Filler Contact Phone Number
SCH.18106XADO*Filler Contact Address
SCH.1980PLO1Filler Contact Location
SCH.2048XCNR*Entered by Person
SCH.2140XTNO*Entered by Phone Number
SCH.2280PLO1Entered by Location
SCH.2375EIO1Parent Placer Appointment ID
SCH.2475EIC1Parent Filler Appointment ID
SCH.25200CEO1Filler Status Code

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