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STF: Staff identification segment

The STF segment can identify any personnel referenced by information systems. These can be providers, staff, system users, and referring agents. In a network environment, this segment can be used to define personnel to other applications; for example, order entry clerks, insurance verification clerks, admission clerks, as well as provider demographics. MFE-4-primary key value is used to link all the segments pertaining to the same master file entry. Therefore, in the MFE segment, MFE-4-primary key value must be filled in. Other segments may follow the STF segment to provide data for a particular type of staff member. The PRA segment (practitioner) is one such. It may optionally follow the STF segment in order to add practitioner-specific data. Other segments may be defined as needed.

STF.160CER1Primary Key Value - STF
STF.260CXO*Staff ID Code
STF.348XPNO*Staff Name
STF.42ISO*0182Staff Type
STF.626TSO1Date/Time Of Birth
STF.71IDO10183Active/Inactive Flag
STF.9200CEO*Hospital Service
STF.11106XADO*Office/Home Address
STF.1226DINO*Institution Activation Date
STF.1326DINO*Institution Inactivation Date
STF.1460CEO*Backup Person ID
STF.1540STO*E-Mail Address
STF.16200CEO1Preferred Method Of Contact
STF.1780CEO1Marital Status
STF.1820STO1Job Title
STF.1920JCCO1Job Code/Class
STF.202ISO10066Employment Status
STF.211IDO10136Additional Insured on Auto
STF.2225DLNO1Driver s License Number - Staff
STF.231IDO10136Copy Auto Ins
STF.248DTO1Auto Ins. Expires
STF.258DTO1Date Last DMV Review
STF.268DTO1Date Next DMV Review

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