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URS: Unsolicited selection segment

The URS segment is identical with the QRF segment, except that if the name of any field contains Query (of QRY), this word has been changed to Results (see URS-5-R/U other results subject definition).

URS.120STR*R/U Where Subject Definition
URS.226TSO1R/U When Data Start Date/Time
URS.326TSO1R/U When Data End Date/Time
URS.420STO*R/U What User Qualifier
URS.520STO*R/U Other Results Subject Definition
URS.612IDO*0156R/U Which Date/Time Qualifier
URS.712IDO*0157R/U Which Date/Time Status Qualifier
URS.812IDO*0158R/U Date/Time Selection Qualifier
URS.960TQO1R/U Quantity/Timing Qualifier

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