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0153: Value code

01Most common semi-private rate
02Hospital has no semi-private rooms
04Inpatient professional component charges which are combined billed
05Professional component included in charges and also billed separate to carrier
06Medicare blood deductible
08Medicare life time reserve amount in the first calendar year
09Medicare co-insurance amount in the first calendar year
10Lifetime reserve amount in the second calendar year
11Co-insurance amount in the second calendar year
12Working aged beneficiary/spouse with employer group health plan
13ESRD beneficiary in a Medicare coordination period with an employer group health plan
14No Fault including auto/other
15Worker's Compensation
16PHS, or other federal agency
17Payer code
23Recurring monthly incode
24Medicaid rate code
30Pre-admission testing
31Patient liability amount
37Pints of blood furnished
38Blood deductible pints
39Pints of blood replaced
40New coverage not implemented by HMO (for inpatient service only)
41Black lung
43Disabled beneficiary under age 64 with LGHP
44Amount provider agreed to accept from primary payer when this amount is less than charges but higher than payment received,, then a Medicare secondary payment is due
45Accident hour
46Number of grace days
47Any liability insurance
48Hemoglobin reading
49Hematocrit reading
50Physical therapy visits
51Occupational therapy visits
52Speech therapy visits
53Cardiac rehab visits
56Skilled nurse - home visit hours
57Home health aide - home visit hours
58Arterial blood gas
59Oxygen saturation
60HHA branch MSA
67Peritoneal dialysis
70 ... 72Payer codes
75 ... 79Payer codes
80Psychiatric visits
81Visits subject to co-payment
A1Deductible payer A
A2Coinsurance payer A
A3Estimated responsibility payer A
X0Service excluded on primary policy
X4Supplemental coverage

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