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0203: Identifier type

AMAmerican Express
ANAccount number
BRBirth registry number
DIDiners Club card
DLDrivers license number
DNDoctor number
DSDiscover Card
EIEmployee number
ENEmployer number
FIFacility ID
GIGuarantor internal identifier
GNGuarantor external identifier
LNLicense number
LRLocal Registry ID
MAMedicaid number
MCMedicare number
MRMedical record number
NENational employer identifier
NINational unique individual identifier
NHNational Health Plan Identifier
NNxxxNational Person Identifier where the xxx is the ISO table 3166 3-character (alphabetic) country code
NPINational provider identifier
PIPatient internal identifier
PNPerson number
PRNProvider number
PTPatient external identifier
RRIRegional registry ID
RRRailroad Retirement number
SLState license
SRState registry ID
SSSocial Security number
UPINMedicare/HCFAs Universal Physician Identification numbers
VNVisit number
WCWIC identifier
XXOrganization identifier

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