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0255: Duration categories

PTTo identify measures at a point in time. This is a synonym for "spot" or "random" as applied to urine measurements.
* (star)Life of the "unit." Used for blood products.
30M30 minutes
1H1 hour
2H2 hours
2.5H2½ hours
3H3 hours
4H4 hours
5H5 hours
6H6 hours
7H7 hours
8H8 hours
12H12 hours
24H24 hours
2D2 days
3D3 days
4D4 days
5D5 days
6D6 days
1W1 week
2W2 weeks
3W3 weeks
4W4 weeks
1L1 months (30 days)
2L2 months
3L3 months

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