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0350: Occurrence code

01Auto accident
02No fault insurance involved-including auto accident/other
03Accident/tort liability
04Accident/employment related
05Other accident
06Crime victim
09Start of infertility treatment cycle
10Last menstrual period
11Onset of symptoms/illness
12Date of onset for a chronically dependent individual
17Date outpatient occupational therapy plan established or last reviewed
18Date of retirement patient/beneficiary
19Date of retirement spouse
20Guarantee of payment began
21UR notice received
22Date active care ended
24Date insurance denied
25Date benefits terminated by primary payor
26Date SNF bed available
27Date home health plan established
28Spouse's date of birth
29Date outpatient physical therapy plan established or last reviewed
30Date outpatient speech pathology plan established or last reviewed
31Date beneficiary notified of intent to bill (accommodations)
32Date beneficiary notified of intent to bill (procedures or treatments)
33First day of the Medicare coordination period for ESRD beneficiaries covered by EGHP
34Date of election of extended care facilities
35Date treatment started for P.T.
36Date of inpatient hospital discharge for covered transplant patients
37Date of inpatient hospital discharge for non-covered transplant patient
40Scheduled date of admission
41Date of first test for pre-admission testing
42Date of discharge
43Scheduled date of canceled surgery
44Date treatment started for O.T.
45Date treatment started for S.T.
46Date treatment started for cardiac rehab.
47 ... 49Payer codes
50Date lien released
51Date treatment started for psychiatric care
70 ... 99Occurrence span codes and dates
A1Birthdate - insured A
A2Effective date - insured A policy
A3Benefits exhausted payer A

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