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0360: Degree

AASAssociate of Applied Science
AAAssociate of Arts
ABAAssociate of Business Administration
AEAssociate of Engineering
ASAssociate of Science
BABachelor of Arts
BBABachelor of Business Administration
BEBachelor or Engineering
BFABachelor of Fine Arts
BNBachelor of Nursing
BSBachelor of Science
BSLBachelor of Science Law
BTBachelor of Theology
DBADoctor of Business Administration
DEDDoctor of Education
PHEDoctor of Engineering
PHDDoctor of Philosophy
PHSDoctor of Science
MDDoctor of Medicine
DODoctor of Osteopathy
HSHigh School Graduate
JDJuris Doctor
MAMaster of Arts
MBAMaster of Business Administration
MCEMaster of Civil Engineering
MDIMaster of Divinity
MEDMaster of Education
MEEMaster of Electrical Engineering
MEMaster of Engineering
MFAMaster of Fine Arts
MMEMaster of Mechanical Engineering
MSMaster of Science
MSLMaster of Science Law
MTMaster of Theology
SECSecretarial Certificate
TSTrade School Graduate

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