HL7® v2.3.1 Trigger Event List

1ACK - General acknowledgment message
2ADR_A19 - Patient query
3ADT_A01 - Admit/visit notification
4ADT_A02 - Transfer a patient
5ADT_A03 - Discharge/end visit
6ADT_A04 - Register a patient
7ADT_A05 - Pre-admit a patient
8ADT_A06 - Change an outpatient to an inpatient
9ADT_A07 - Change an inpatient to an outpatient
10ADT_A08 - Update patient information
11ADT_A09 - Patient departing - tracking
12ADT_A10 - Patient arriving - tracking
13ADT_A11 - Cancel admit/visit notification
14ADT_A12 - Cancel transfer
15ADT_A13 - Cancel discharge/end visit
16ADT_A14 - Pending admit
17ADT_A15 - Pending transfer
18ADT_A16 - Pending discharge
19ADT_A17 - Swap patients
20ADT_A18 - Merge patient information
21ADT_A20 - Bed status update
22ADT_A21 - Patient goes on a "leave of absence"
23ADT_A22 - Patient returns from a "leave of absence"
24ADT_A23 - Delete a patient record
25ADT_A24 - Link patient information
26ADT_A25 - Cancel pending discharge
27ADT_A26 - Cancel pending transfer
28ADT_A27 - Cancel pending admit
29ADT_A28 - Add person information
30ADT_A29 - Delete person information
31ADT_A30 - Merge person information
32ADT_A31 - Update person information
33ADT_A32 - Cancel patient arriving - tracking
34ADT_A33 - Cancel patient departing - tracking
35ADT_A34 - Merge patient information - patient id only
36ADT_A35 - Merge patient information - account number only
37ADT_A36 - Merge patient information - patient id and account number
38ADT_A37 - Unlink patient information
39ADT_A38 - Cancel pre-admit
40ADT_A39 - Merge person - patient id
41ADT_A40 - Merge patient - patient identifier list
42ADT_A41 - Merge account - patient account number
43ADT_A42 - Merge visit - visit number
44ADT_A43 - Move patient information - patient identifier list
45ADT_A44 - Move account information - patient account number
46ADT_A45 - Move visit information - visit number
47ADT_A46 - Change patient id (for backward compatibility only)
48ADT_A47 - Change patient identifier list
49ADT_A48 - Change alternate patient id
50ADT_A49 - Change patient account number
51ADT_A50 - Change visit number
52ADT_A51 - Change alternate visit id
53ADT_A53 - Cancel patient returns from a leave of absence
54ADT_A55 - Cancel change attending doctor
55ADT_A60 - Update allergy information
56ADT_A61 - Change consulting doctor
57ADT_A62 - Cancel change consulting doctor
58BAR_P01 - Add patient accounts
59BAR_P02 - Purge patient accounts
60BAR_P05 - Update account
61BAR_P06 - End account
62CRM_C01 - Register a patient on a clinical trial
63CRM_C02 - Cancel a patient registration on clinical trial (for clerical mistakes since an intended registration should not be canceled)
64CRM_C03 - Correct/update registration information
65CRM_C04 - Patient has gone off a clinical trial
66CRM_C05 - Patient enters phase of clinical trial
67CRM_C06 - Cancel patient entering a phase (clerical mistake)
68CRM_C07 - Correct/update phase information
69CRM_C08 - Patient has gone off phase of clinical trial
70CSU_C09 - Automated time intervals for reporting, like monthly
71CSU_C10 - Patient completes the clinical trial
72CSU_C11 - Patient completes a phase of the clinical trial
73CSU_C12 - Update/correction of patient order/result information
74DFT_P03 - Post detail financial transaction
75DOC_T12 - Document response
76DSR_Q01 - Display response message
77DSR_Q03 - Deferred response to a query
78EDR_R07 - Enhanced display response
79EQQ_Q04 - Embedded query language query
80ERP_R09 - Event replay response
81MDM_T01 - Original document notification
82MDM_T02 - Original document notification and content
83MDM_T03 - Document status change notification
84MDM_T04 - Document status change notification and content
85MDM_T05 - Document addendum notification
86MDM_T06 - Document addendum notification and content
87MDM_T07 - Document edit notification
88MDM_T08 - Document edit notification and content
89MDM_T09 - Document replacement notification
90MDM_T10 - Document replacement notification and content
91MDM_T11 - Document cancel notification
92MFK_M01 - Master file application acknowledgment
93MFK_M04 - Master file application acknowledgment
94MFK_M05 - Master file application acknowledgment
95MFK_M06 - Master file application acknowledgment
96MFN_M02 - Master file - staff practitioner
97MFN_M04 - Master files charge description
98MFN_M05 - Patient location master file
99MFN_M06 - Clinical study with phases and schedules master file
100MFN_M08 - Test/observation (numeric) master file
101MFN_M09 - Test/observation (categorical) master file
102MFN_M10 - Test/observation batteries master file
103MFN_M11 - Test/calculated observations master file
104MFQ_M01 - Query for master file record
105NMD_N02 - Application management data message
106NMQ_N01 - Application management query message
107NMR_N01 - Application management response
108OMD_O01 - Dietary order
109OMN_O01 - Non-stock requisition order message
110OMS_O01 - Stock requisition order message
111ORD_O02 - Dietary order acknowledgment message
112ORF_R04 - Response to query; transmission of requested observation
113ORM_O01 - Order message
114ORN_O02 - Non-stock requisition - general order acknowledgment message
115ORR_O02 - Order response
116ORS_O02 - Stock requisition - order acknowledgment message
117ORU - Unsolicited transmission of an observation message
118ORU_R01 - Unsolicited transmission of an observation message
119OSQ_Q06 - Query for order status
120OSR_Q06 - Query response for order status
121PEX_P07 - Unsolicited initial individual product experience report
122PEX_P08 - Unsolicited update individual product experience report
123PGL_PC6 - Goal add
124PGL_PC7 - Goal Update
125PGL_PC8 - Goal Delete
126PIN_I07 - Unsolicited insurance information
127PPG_PCG - Pathway (goal-oriented) add
128PPG_PCH - Pathway (goal-oriented) update
129PPG_PCJ - Pathway (goal-oriented) delete
130PPP_PCB - Pathway (problem-oriented) add
131PPP_PCC - Pathway (problem-oriented) add
132PPP_PCD - Pathway (problem-oriented) add
133PPR_PC1 - Problem add
134PPR_PC2 - Problem update
135PPR_PC3 - Problem delete
136PPT_PCL - Pathway (goal-oriented) query response
137PPV_PCA - Goal response
138PRR_PC5 - Problem response
139PTR_PCF - Pathway (problem-oriented) query response
140QBP_Q22 - Query - Find Candidates
141QCK_Q02 - Deferred query
142QRY_A19 - Patient query
143QRY_PC4 - Problem query
144QRY_PC9 - Goal query
145QRY_PCE - Pathway (problem-oriented) query
146QRY_PCK - Pathway (goal-oriented) query
147QRY_Q01 - Query sent for immediate response
148QRY_Q02 - Query sent for deferred response
149QRY_R02 - Query for results of observation
150QRY_T12 - Document query
151RAR_RAR - Pharmacy/treatment administration information
152RAS_O01 - Pharmacy/treatment administration message
153RCI_I05 - Return clinical information
154RCL_I06 - Return clinical information
155RDE_O01 - Pharmacy/treatment encoded order message
156RDO_O01 - Rdo message
157RDR_RDR - Pharmacy/treatment dispense information
158RDS_O01 - Pharmacy/treatment dispense information
159REF_I12 - Patient referral
160REF_I13 - Modify patient referral
161REF_I14 - Cancel patient referral
162REF_I15 - Request patient referral status
163RER_RER - Pharmacy/treatment encoded order information
164RGR_RGR - Pharmacy/treatment dose information
165RGV_O01 - Pharmacy/treatment give message
166ROR_ROR - Pharmacy prescription order query response
167RPA_I08 - Return for treatment authorization information
168RPA_I09 - Return for modification to an authorization
169RPA_I10 - Return for resubmission of an authorization
170RPA_I11 - Return for cancellation of an authorization
171RPI_I01 - Return patient information
172RPI_I04 - Return patient information
173RPL_I02 - Return patient display list
174RPR_I03 - Return patient list
175RQA_I08 - Request for treatment authorization information
176RQA_I09 - Request for modification to an authorization
177RQA_I10 - Request for resubmission of an authorization
178RQA_I11 - Request for cancellation of an authorization
179RQC_I05 - Request for patient clinical information
180RQC_I06 - Request/receipt of clinical data listing
181RQI_I01 - Request for insurance information
182RQI_I02 - Request/receipt of patient selection display list
183RQI_I03 - Request/receipt of patient selection list
184RQP_I04 - Request patient demographics
185RQQ_Q09 - Event replay query
186RRA_O02 - Pharmacy/treatment administration acknowledgment message
187RRD_O02 - Pharmacy/treatment dispense acknowledgment message
188RRE_O02 - Pharmacy/treatment encoded order acknowledgment message
189RRG_O02 - Pharmacy/treatment give acknowledgment message
190RRI_I12 - Return patient referral
191RRI_I13 - Return modify patient referral
192RRI_I14 - Return cancel patient referral
193RRI_I15 - Return request patient referral status
194RRO_O02 - Rro message
195RSP_K22 - Segment pattern response
196SIU_S12 - Notification of new appointment booking
197SIU_S13 - Notification of appointment rescheduling
198SIU_S14 - Notification of appointment modification
199SIU_S15 - Notification of appointment cancellation
200SIU_S16 - Notification of appointment discontinuation
201SIU_S17 - Notification of appointment deletion
202SIU_S18 - Notification of addition of service/resource on appointment
203SIU_S19 - Notification of modification of service/resource on appointment
204SIU_S20 - Notification of cancellation of service/resource on appointment
205SIU_S21 - Notification of discontinuation of service/resource on appointment
206SIU_S22 - Notification of deletion of service/resource on appointment
207SIU_S23 - Notification of blocked schedule time slot(s)
208SIU_S24 - Notification of opened ("un-blocked") schedule time slot(s)
209SIU_S26 - Notification that patient did not show up for scheduled appointment
210SPQ_Q08 - Stored procedure request
211SQM_S25 - Schedule query message and response
212SQR_S25 - Schedule query message and response
213SRM_S01 - Request new appointment booking
214SRM_S02 - Request appointment rescheduling
215SRM_S03 - Request appointment modification
216SRM_S04 - Request appointment cancellation
217SRM_S05 - Request appointment discontinuation
218SRM_S06 - Request appointment deletion
219SRM_S07 - Request addition of service/resource on appointment
220SRM_S08 - Request modification of service/resource on appointment
221SRM_S09 - Request cancellation of service/resource on appointment
222SRM_S10 - Request discontinuation of service/resource on appointment
223SRM_S11 - Request deletion of service/resource on appointment
224SRR_S01 - Result new appointment booking
225SRR_S02 - Result appointment rescheduling
226SRR_S03 - Result appointment modification
227SRR_S04 - Result appointment cancellation
228SRR_S05 - Result appointment discontinuation
229SRR_S06 - Result appointment deletion
230SRR_S07 - Result addition of service/resource on appointment
231SRR_S08 - Result modification of service/resource on appointment
232SRR_S09 - Result cancellation of service/resource on appointment
233SRR_S10 - Result discontinuation of service/resource on appointment
234SRR_S11 - Result deletion of service/resource on appointment
235SUR_P09 - Summary product experience report
236TBR_R08 - Tabular data response
237UDM_Q05 - Unsolicited display update message
238VQQ_Q07 - Virtual table query
239VXQ_V01 - Query for vaccination record
240VXR_V03 - Vaccination record response
241VXU_V04 - Unsolicited vaccination record update
242VXX_V02 - Response to vaccination query

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