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CSR: Clinical Study Registration

CSR.160EIR1Sponsor Study ID
CSR.260EIO1Alternate Study ID
CSR.360CEO1Institution Registering the Patient
CSR.430CXR1Sponsor Patient ID
CSR.530CXO1Alternate Patient ID
CSR.626TSO1Date/Time of Patient Study Registration
CSR.760XCNO1Person Performing Study Registration
CSR.860XCNR1Study Authorizing Provider
CSR.926TSO1Date/time Patient Study Consent Signed
CSR.1060CEO1Patient Study Eligibility Status
CSR.1126TSO*Study Randomization Date/time
CSR.12200CEO*Study Randomized Arm
CSR.13200CEO*Stratum for Study Randomization
CSR.1460CEO1Patient Evaluability Status
CSR.1526TSO1Date/time Ended Study
CSR.1660CEO1Reason Ended Study

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