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FT1: Financial transaction

FT1.14SIO1Set ID - Financial Transaction
FT1.212STO1Transaction ID
FT1.310STO1Transaction Batch ID
FT1.426TSR1Transaction Date
FT1.526TSO1Transaction Posting Date
FT1.68IDR10017Transaction Type
FT1.780CER1Transaction Code
FT1.840STO1Transaction Description
FT1.940STO1Transaction Description - alternate
FT1.106NMO1Transaction Quantity
FT1.1112CPO1Transaction Amount - Extended
FT1.1212CPO1Transaction Amount - Unit
FT1.1360CEO1Department Code
FT1.148CEO1Insurance Plan ID
FT1.1512CPO1Insurance Amount
FT1.1612PLO1Assigned Patient Location
FT1.171IDO10024Fee Schedule
FT1.182IDO10018Patient Type
FT1.1960CEO*Diagnosis Code
FT1.20120XCNO1Performed By Code
FT1.21120XCNO1Ordered By Code
FT1.2212NMO1Unit Cost
FT1.2322EIO1Filler Order Number
FT1.24120XCNO1Entered By Code
FT1.2580CEO1Procedure Code

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