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GOL: Goal Detail

GOL.12IDR10287Action Code
GOL.226TSR1Action Date/Time
GOL.380CER1Goal ID
GOL.460EIR1Goal Instance ID
GOL.560EIO1Episode of Care ID
GOL.660NMO1Goal List Priority
GOL.726TSO1Goal Established Date/Time
GOL.826TSO1Expected Goal Achievement Date/Time
GOL.980CEO1Goal Classification
GOL.1080CEO1Goal Management Discipline
GOL.1180CEO1Current Goal Review Status
GOL.1226TSO1Current Goal Review Date/Time
GOL.1326TSO1Next Goal Review Date/Time
GOL.1426TSO1Previous Goal Review Date/Time
GOL.15200TQO1Goal Review Interval
GOL.1680CEO1Goal Evaluation
GOL.17300STO*Goal Evaluation Comment
GOL.1880CEO1Goal Life Cycle Status
GOL.1926TSO1Goal Life Cycle Status Date/Time
GOL.2080CEO*Goal Target Type
GOL.2180XPNO*Goal Target Name

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